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Water Closing Request Form (Final Water Meter Reading Request Form)

  1. City of Cohoes Water Department

    97 Mohawk Street, Cohoes, New York 12047 518-233-2138

  2. Water Closing Request form (Final Meter Reading Request)

    In compliance with Chapter 280 of the Code of the City of Cohoes, Section 280-30.

  3. 280.30. Meter Reading of change of ownership of building or property.

    When a building or property, or part thereof, serviced by City water meter undergoes a change of ownership, a request may be made by the seller or by a representative of a seller for a current reading of the meter. The person making such request to the Department of Public Works shall be responsible for providing the meter reader with access to the water meter. Persons requesting meter reading under this subsection shall pay a fee of $50.00 for each meter reading request. Persons requesting meter readings on multiple metered accounts under this subsection shall pay a fee of $50 for the initial meter reading requested; additional meter readings at each building location will be charged at $20 each.

  4. Meter reading fee is $50.00, each additional meter is $20.00

    Note: Water closing figures will be called or faxed only after payment is received.

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