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Street and Sidewalk Opening Permit

  1. Building Department * 97 Mohawk Street Cohoes, NY 12047 * Phone 518-233-2127 * Fax 518-233-2162 * Director, Fire Chief Joseph Fahd



    Please complete the application and submit with the following: * Detailed description and sketch of proposed work including restoration (materials, dimensions to scale, etc.) *Certificate of Insurance (General Liability, Worker's Compensation and Disability Benefits) *Permit Application Fee of $100.00 *Opening Fee of $3.00 per square foot

  3. Lawn, Street or Sidewalk

  4. All work shall conform to City of Cohoes Street Opening Ordinance and related Rules and Regulations, and must be completed within 30 days of the date of the permit issuance, or a new permit shall be obtained by the Applicant.

  5. I, the undersigned, understand that the permit which may be issued pursuant to this application is issued on the assumption that all of the representations made on this permit application are true and accurate. I have read and understand the provisions of the Street Opening Ordinance and related Rules and Regulations and will comply with said requirements. I understand that if any of the information on this form is found to be untrue or inaccurate, or if the work initiated pursuant to a permit granted based on the representation made on this application is not complete in accordance with the representations made on this permit application, then the permit may be revoked without notice to myself, the contractor, or any other party.

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