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Landlord Registration

  1. Building and Code Department * 97 Mohawk Street Cohoes, NY 12047 * Phone 518-233-2127 * Fax 518-233-2162 * Director, Fire Chief Joseph Fahd


  3. Properties are Rented (check all that apply):

  4. Use the space below to indicate the number of units, occupants and bedrooms per unit. If the property exceeds six (6) units please provide information of additional units on a separate sheet.

  5. Are tentants allowed to have pets?

  6. LANDLORD AND MANAGER INFORMATION Both Landlord/Owner and Manager/Management Company Information is MANDATORY


    If the property owner does not live within the City of Cohoes or an adjacent municipality, local manager/management company or other agent for service must be appointed and registered with the City of Cohoes Code Enforcement in accordance with 215-10 of the City Code.

  8. Please provide any comments or feedback.

  9. Verificaiton

    I swear that all information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and acknowledge that I have read Chapter 215, Residential Occupancy, of the City of Cohoes Code which is available from the link below.

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