How do I get a permit?
An owner or his contractor can apply for the permit. Depending on the type of work planned, you may need a survey of the property and plans or drawings that show details of construction. You can call ahead to check. Fees for a building permit must be paid at the time of the application. Permit applicants can expect to have the approved permit within 5 to 10 business days after submitting an application.

Permit applications must be checked against the various codes the City enforces, including building, housing, plumbing, zoning and preservation. Specially trained staff in the Cohoes Building Department will help you with this process. In most cases fees are based upon the cost of the project; in some cases the fees are pre-set. You can call ahead to check.

When a permit application is approved, a permit card is issued and must be displayed on the job until the work is finished. A set of approved construction plans should remain on the job site during the period of construction. To obtain a permit, visit the Code Enforcement Office.

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