How can I pay my fine?
You may submit a money order or certified check made out to "Cohoes City Court" either in person or by mail, or you may bring cash to the office. The Court does not accept personal checks. Visa or MasterCard may be used for any vehicle and traffic violation. Credit card payments must have authorized signatures, therefore, no telephone credit card transactions can be accepted, except by fax.

Credit card payments made in person must be accompanied by 1 form of photo identification or 2 other forms of identification. Credit card payments made by mail or fax must be accompanied by a signed cardholder acknowledgment form, which will be a part of the notice of fine payment mailed to you. If other than the defendant is making the payment, a photocopy of the card holder's photo identification with signature (i.e. drivers license) is also required.

The amount charged may not exceed the amount imposed by the Court. Any credit card transaction that is rejected for failure to submit all required information will result in the filing of a default judgment without prior notice.

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