Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

    Zoning Board of Appeals

To Be Held on the 2nd Floor Common Council Chambers

97 Mohawk Street, Cohoes, NY 


November 16th, 2022 at 6:30 pm

1.    Call to Order

a.    Roll Call 

2.    Regular Business 

a.    Consideration of the October 19th, 2022 Meeting Minutes

b.    6 Platt Street Applicant and Presenter: Roman Nizhikioyskiy. The applicant is seeking an Area Variance for the construction of a new home at 6 Platt Street in the R-2 Residential Zoning District. The applicant requests of 2.2 feet of relief to the southwesterly side of the property.

c.    DISCUSSION ITEM: 69 & 73 Vliet Street Applicant and Presenter: Carl Godfrey of RemodelNow LLC. The applicant seeks to discuss a proposed fourplex apartment building on a vacant lot addressed 69 & 73 Vliet Street in the MFR Multi-Family Residential Zoning District. 

3.    Adjournment 

This meeting will be held at Cohoes City Hall 97 Mohawk Street 2nd floor Common Council Chambers.

You can send comments ahead of the meeting via email to jseman-graves@ci.cohoes.ny.us or in writing directly to Planning Department Attn.; Joseph Seman-Graves 

97 Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY 12047.  

Comments should be received no later than 4pm on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Please feel free to contact the Planning Office at (518) 233-2130

Email: Jseman-graves@ci.cohoes.ny.us