Common Council Meeting

Common Council Meeting 

Cohoes City Hall

Cohoes, New York 12047





Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 7:00 p.m.





         Public comment

           Approve minutes of the May 23, 2023 meeting

  1. Discussion regarding revisions to the waste disposal code
  2. Ordinance No. 5 – An Ordinance amending Sub-section A of section 198-33 of the Code of the Cohoes City regarding vendor license fees
  3. Ordinance No. 6 – An Ordinance amending the authorization of resurfacing and/or repaving of certain streets in the City of Cohoes
  4. Resolution No. 35 – A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute an Agreement for Professional Services associated with the Manor Avenue Sewer Separation Project
  5. Resolution No. 36 – A Resolution to confirm an appointment to the Cohoes Library Board of Trustees