Common Council Meeting

Common Council Meeting 

Cohoes City Hall

Cohoes, New York 12047


 **Date change**- Thursday, April 27, 2023, 7:00 p.m.



           Public comment

           Quarterly Presentation by Community and Economic Development Director

  1. Approve minutes of the February 14, February 28, and March 28, 2023 meetings
  2. Ordinance No. 2 – An Ordinance Authorizing the resurfacing and/or repaving of certain streets in the City of Cohoes
  3. Resolution No. 24 – A Resolution Approving an amendment to the Engineering Agreement with Arcadis of New York, Inc. regarding the Columbia Street Phase II Sewer Separation and Green Infrastructure project
  4. Resolution No. 25 – A Resolution accepting a grant from National Grid’s Urban Center/Commercial District Revitalization Program for the Saratoga Street Pedestrian Accessibility and Commercial Enhancements Project
  5. Resolution No. 26 – A Resolution adopting a grievance procedure pursuant to 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7 for the Prompt and Fair Resolution of Complaints
  6. Resolution No. 27 – A Resolution approving a contract with Garland/DBS, Inc. for the City Hall Roof Restoration Project Phase 
  7. Resolution No. 28 – A Resolution approving a contract with Ambulnz NY2, LLC for ambulance services in the City of Cohoes
  8. Resolution No. 29 – A Resolution approving the lease of one 2024 Freightliner Mounted with Camel Max Combination Sewer Cleaner Vacuum Jet Hx for use by the Department of Public Works