Historic Preservation & Architectural Review Board Meeting

Historic Preservation & Architectural Review Board

To Be Held at 97 Mohawk Street City Hall

1st Floor, Room Number 3


April 18th  2023 at 6:30 pm

1. Call to Order 

  1. Roll Call


2. Regular Business


  1. Consideration of the January 17th, 2023 and February 21st, 2023 and March 21st, 2023 Meeting Minutes


  1. 227 Remsen Street Applicant: Melissa Ridlle and RemodelNow LLC. The applicant is seeking to improve the façade of the property in preparation to house a Planning Board approved insurance brokerage business. The proposed improvements include replacing and repairing any and all damaged or rotting wood, installation of a new front door unit, scraping, filling, caulking, and painting of all windows, and new paint on the façade and trim on the building.


  1. 123 Mohawk Street Applicant: United Church of Cohoes. The applicant is seeking to remove and replace a stockade fence in the rear of the church which surrounds a playground area. The wooden fence is currently collapsing and is proposed to be replaced with slatted chain link fencing.


3. Adjournment



You can send comments ahead of the meeting via email to tdrauschak@ci.cohoes.ny.us or in writing directly to Planning Department Attn.; Tess Drauschak

97 Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY 12047.  

Comments should be received no later than Monday, April 18th at 4 pm. 

Please feel free to contact the Planning Office at (518) 233-2130

Email: tdrauschak@ci.cohoes.ny.us