Marking Cohoes History

During the years 1923-1926, in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Revolution, the New York Historical Association and New York State Education Department launched an effort to mark sites of historic significance in the colonial, revolutionary, or state formative period. Between 1926 and 1936, the City of Cohoes placed 12 historic markers throughout the city, purchased from the New York Department of Education for as little as $2.00. Additional historic markers have been added throughout the years.

Learn more about the Historic Marker program from the NYS Museum

Find a Historic Marker: Below are images of the original markers that remain, and a map to show where each is located. Special thanks to volunteer John Haluska who refurbished the existing historic markers in Cohoes in 2020.  

Missing Historic Markers: The City of Cohoes in conjunction with the Spindle City Historic Society, is working to find and or replace missing historic markers.

Building on our history: The City of Cohoes, with community input, will be working to identify additional locations of historic interest deserving a marker. 

Have a suggestion about Cohoes history that should be honored with a historic marker? Email us!

Historic Marker No. 65

Marker No. 65 Van Schaick Burial

Historic Marker No. 66

Marker No. 66 Egbert Bailey Mill

Historic Marker No. 70

Marker No. 70 JUNCTA

Historic Marker No. 71

Marker No. 71 Camp Van Schaick

Additional Historic Designations

Van Schaick Island Military Encampment

Van Schacik Island Military Encampment

Historic Marker No. 73

Marker No. 73 Home of James Buttermilk Lansing

First Power Mill

First Power Mill

Historic Marker No. 75

Marker No. 75 Cohoes Mastodon

First Toll Bridge

Toll Bridge 112th street brigde
Historical Markers Map