City Hall Access for Disabled Persons

Disabled Access to City Hall & Police Station

The City of Cohoes has recently revamped its disabled access to City Hall and the Police Station. To gain entrance to City Hall, one can use the newly constructed Police Station Entrance on the South side of City Hall. This entrance provides a wheelchair lift for access to the Police Station, and a second wheelchair lift is located inside to provide access into City Hall. Reserved Handicapped Parking with van access is available on Canvass Street adjacent to the alley and two more Reserved Handicapped spaces are available on Ontario Street. Signs at both the Mohawk and Ontario Street sides of the building direct disabled persons to the wheelchair lift for access to City Hall and the Police Station.
Handicap Accessible Sign
Handicap Parking Sign
Handicap Parking Space
A phone is located at the bottom of the Police Station Entrance. Here, one can communicate with an on-duty emergency service dispatcher 24 hours a day, every day of the year. After picking up the phone, one will be asked by the dispatcher the nature of their business and needs. During business hours, if assistance is needed to activate the lift, a person will come to the aid of the disabled individual to escort that person into City Hall or the Police Station. There is a furnished conference room on that floor where City or Court business can be conducted in a comfortable setting. During business hours, if staff from a department located on the second floor is needed they will come to the aid of the person on the first floor.

Also on the first floor is a two-way camera and microphone set up for access and communication during Common Council, Planning Board, Zoning Board, or other meetings. By calling in advance, if possible, these devices can be set up and ready to go in advance of your arrival.

After business hours, or in an emergency, police or other emergency service personnel will see to your needs once communication with the dispatcher is established.

Questions or Comments

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we are always striving to improve access and make your visit to City Hall more comfortable and accommodating. Our Disability Access Coordinator is Amanda Kenton. She can be reached at City Hall by calling 518-233-2122.
Handicap Lift
Handicap Accessible Stair Lift