Mayor's Office

Shawn M. Morse was elected as the 38th Mayor of the City of Cohoes and assumed the Office of Mayor on January 1, 2016 after serving his third term in the Albany County Legislature as the representative of residents in the 17th Legislative District. The 17th district encompasses the down town area and eastern portion of the City of Cohoes.

Mayor Morse also served as a firefighter with the City of Cohoes Fire Department from 1989-2015. Shawn is past president of the Uniformed Firefighters Local 2562 and recipient of the 2002 Medal for Bravery for rescuing a senior trapped inside a burning apartment building. In cooperation with the Cohoes Fire Department’s Cheer-for-Children program, Shawn created the “Santa Comes to Town” program to deliver toys to needy children on Christmas Eve from aboard a fire truck and the “$911/$226” college scholarship program for Cohoes High School graduates in lasting memory of the victims of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks and four members of the Fire Engine Co. 226 Brooklyn who lost their lives that day.

Shawn has advocated on behalf of children and seniors during his tenure in the Legislature. He has authored a missing children’s law, requiring missing children in Albany County be reported to Law Enforcement. Shawn also sponsored the Canadian prescription drug plan and prescription drug card plan saving the County 2 million dollars a year. Shawn has also co-authored the County’s residency restrictions for sexual predators convicted of crimes against minors, prohibiting them from living within 1,000 feet of schools and childcare facilities, and worked for the enactment of legislation giving judges the option of ordering sex offenders to wear GPS electronic tracking devices as part of their probation. Shawn strongly opposed the State Berger Commission recommendations reducing the County’s nursing home capacity from 450-250 beds, and personally interceded on behalf of families seeking the return of their loved ones sent to skilled nursing facilities out of state.

Shawn was responsible for securing $17,100 in County funds for the Cohoes Community Center and $10,000 for the Counseling Care and Services, Inc., which provides therapy for counseling for youth, families, and seniors. He also was instrumental in obtaining $7,000 from the District Attorney’s Office for the Cohoes Police Department to purchase Internet services and equipment giving police instant information on criminal suspects.
Shawn is a graduate of Cohoes High School and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial labor relations and public policy at Empire State College. He holds a certificate in Labor studies from Cornell University and earned an A.A.S. Degree in labor management from Empire State College.

Shawn is the father of three children, Adrianna, Christopher and Madison and husband to Brenda Morse.