The primary function of the Treasurer's Office is billing and collecting City, County as well as water/sewer utility bills. The office is the custodian of all tax records, handling all inquiries, and tax searches.

Additionally, the Treasurer's Office serves as the Parking Violations Bureau, collecting and maintaining all parking tickets.


All fees such as permits for building, plumbing, residential occupancy, and trash pick-up are payable to the "City of Cohoes," at the Treasurer's Office.

Rental Property Owners

The City of Cohoes requires residential occupancy permits (ROPs) every 3 years or with every change in tenancy. Inspection of each rental unit costs $40. Contact the Building and Code Department (518) 233-2127 to schedule your inspection.

2019 City, County & Water/Sewer Bill Notice

2019 Cohoes City Taxes, County Taxes, and Water/Sewer Bills will be mailed out at the end of February and are due without penalty by March 31, 2019. Payments can be made online, at Pioneer Bank (Cohoes Branch only) or via mail. If you are paying online, your Section, Block, and Lot Number (SBL) is required. This number is located on your bill or can be obtained online via the Assessor Department - Final Assessment Roll. If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's office at 518-233-2111.

Water/Sewer Bill Payments

Effective January 31, 2019, the Treasurer's Office will no longer be accepting 2018 Water/Sewer payments. Any unpaid amounts will be relieved on the 2019 City tax bill payable in two equal installments. If you have an escrow paying your taxes, this may increase your regular monthly payment.