Public Works

Solid Waste

This department is responsible for the collection and disposal of refuse from residential and commercial areas.



Note: Styrofoam can be placed along side the trash can in a clear plastic bag.

Lawn and Leaf Bag pick-up will begin the week of April 25, 2022. Please place bags curbside for pick up. Branches must be cut to 4 foot lengths and bundled.


This department is responsible for the maintenance of all City streets, curbs, gutters, sewer lines, and drainage facilities. City streets are cleaned by mechanical sweepers on a regular basis. Installation of signs for traffic control, street markings, parking lot maintenance.

Water Bureau

This department is responsible for the production and distribution of water to over four thousand accounts. This includes the daily operation of the City's Water Filtration Plant, maintenance of existing water transmission lines, and water meter reading.

Combined Sewer Overflow Discharge Notification System

The Albany Pool Communities have jointly developed this web-based information service that provides easy access to alerts for potential for Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) activity in the Capital region.

Note: The CSO Notification System currently only supports Microsoft Internet Browser (IE).