Sex Offender Policy

The City of Cohoes has modified the Sex Offender Registry notice procedure in the City of Cohoes in order to provide timely, valid and appropriate information to residents of the community. The policy is effective immediately and detailed in the notice linked at the bottom of this page.

Cohoes Police Chief William Heslin stated "This is a proactive step in providing the maximum amount of information as provided by New York State Law to those sex offenders who the Cohoes Police Department have been notified are living within the City of Cohoes. Various groups of the community have been looking for a more effective mechanism for sharing the information, of which we feel we have taken the appropriate measures."

The Police Department will now notify all elected city and county officials, the Director of the Cohoes Housing Authority, the Director of Human Services, the Superintendent of Schools as well as all Neighborhood Watch Leaders. Also, bulletins will be available by appointment at the Police Department, which contain the picture and address of the Level 3 offender, as authorized by New York State Law. Previously, School District officials were the only agency notified by the Police Department.

Mayor Statement

Cohoes Mayor John McDonald stated "I think that opening up the avenues for dissemination of information regarding the Sex Offender Registry, now that it has been clarified by various agencies in regards to its legality, is a smart and proactive step in informing the public. Although not an issue many people prefer to discuss, it is not an issue to ignore. This policy is just another tool in making our community that much more of a safer place to be."

Helpful Resources

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