Permit Requirements

The following requirements (if applicable) will need to be met before permits will be issued:
  • All work on structure must comply with all historic rules and regulations and must be done (in kind)
  • Asbestos assessment of building by New York State licensed asbestos abate professional. You must contact the Department of Labor Safety and Health Inspector, Division of Safety and Health, at 518-457-2072 (Fax Number 518-485-1740) for a listing - asbestos assessment typically needed for demolition only.
  • Proof of compliance with all historic rules and regulations (submit a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board
  • Proof of compliance with the New York State Building Code, Fire Code, and any other applicable State Code (the New York State Uniform Code)
  • Schedule of repairs and material to be used for repairs
  • Stamped plans for structural repairs or most new construction.
  • Structural assessment of building by New York State engineer/architect
  • Supporting documentation breaking down costs for total projects costs greater than or equal to $20,000
  • A survey by a licensed surveyor may be required where set-backs or lot lines are at issue

Code Enforcement Guidelines

It is the complete discretion of the Director of Code Enforcement as to what or how much information, materials, plans, etc. is required for the Department to ensure compliance with the New York State Uniform Code. The City of Cohoes and the Code Enforcement Department shall not be responsible for any inaccurate or misinformation, and the Department issues permits based upon the information provided to it.

Discovery of inaccurate information in the application may result in the revocation of a permit and other penalties pursuant to law. All work must be inspected by Code Enforcement when completed - the property owner is responsible to contact the Code Enforcement Department when permitted work is completed. Construction, demolition, or repairs that do not comply with submitted plans or that are not otherwise authorized may result in orders to abate or remove unauthorized work or structures and civil or criminal penalties pursuant to law.