Permit Application & Approval Check List

Zoning Review

Submit 2 copies of a plot plan drawn to scale. The plot plan should show:
  • Any easements
  • Distances (setbacks) from the proposed construction to the lot lines and any other structures
  • The location of all structures on the lot
  • The proposed construction or addition
  • The size and shape of the lot
Minimum setbacks required by the Cohoes Zoning Ordinance are listed. Zoning staff will review your plan for these setbacks and also for the other requirements described on the plot plan forms. Other drawings, work description and photos may be required for historic district review.

Engineering Review

2 sets of construction drawings, drawn to scale, are required to review conformance with the Cohoes Code. Construction drawings are not required for fences of for above-ground swimming pools.

Proof of Insurance

If the owner is the applicant and will do all the work, proof of insurance is required. If the owner contracts out the work, the contractor is responsible for filing a Certificate of Insurance, issued to the City of Cohoes, with the Cohoes Building Department. Certification on workman's compensation, liability and/or disability is required.

Plumbing Work

If there is plumbing work involved, a plumbing permit must be obtained at the Cohoes Building Department.

Electrical Work

If there will be any electrical work involved, application for inspection must be made with a City approved electrical inspection agency.

Driveways or Curb Cuts

If the work includes installing or resurfacing a driveway or cutting the curb, a permit is required. Paving a large area (2,000 square feet or more) also requires a building permit.

Historic District or Landmark Buildings

Special standards and reviews apply to properties within a historic district or which are designated as landmarks. For further information, call 518-233-2130