Building Permits

Changes to properties and structures, including both new construction and renovations or remodeling, require permits under the Codes and local laws of the City of Cohoes.View additional information (PDF) regarding building permit requirements and for an inspection timetable for projects. For more information, call Patty at 518-233-2127.

Projects Requiring Building Permits

  • All electrical work.
  • Convert or change the use or occupancy of a building or part of a building. This includes establishing a home occupation within a dwelling.
  • Demolish any building.
  • Erect a permanent fence, wall or retaining wall over two feet in height above grade.
  • Erect a radio or TV antenna which, in itself, is more than 16 feet in height or a flagpole, the top of which is more than 35 feet in height above grade.
  • Erect, add onto, relocate or make structural changes to a building. This includes: an attached or detached accessory building such as a garage, carport, breezeway; a storage shed; a porch or stoop; or enclosing an existing porch.
  • Install a canopy or marquee; or install a permanent cover or metal awning which extends over the street property line, or which projects by more than 1 per 3 into a yard or court.
  • Install an elevator, escalator or dumbwaiter.
  • Install a fire alarm system, sprinkler system or standpipe system.
  • Install fire escapes, cellar stair fire rated enclosures or fire retarding cellar ceilings in multiple dwellings. (Approval for fire escapes may require approval of the Board of Review).
  • Install a ground, projecting, pole, wall or roof sign.
  • Install or remove a fuel tank, gasoline tank, and any other flammable liquid or gaseous tank, either above or below ground.
  • Install or replace a heating unit or water heater.
  • Install or replace a masonry chimney or metal vent pipe.
  • Install siding on existing walls.
  • Install a swimming pool (in-ground or above ground).
  • Install, relocate or remove interior partitions or walls.
  • Make any repair that must conform to the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (NYSUFPBC).
  • Pave an exterior ground area (parking area, driveway or patio) or add to an existing paved area. A permit is also required to install or enlarge a parking lot which will accommodate more than three vehicles, regardless of size of the area.
  • Repair fire damage.
  • Replace or install a new roof.
  • Replace or otherwise modify existing doors and windows.