Genealogical Information

Obtaining Records

The City of Cohoes has birth, death and marriage records dating back to 1882. Death and marriage records must be on file for 50 years and the parties must be deceased. A birth record must have been on file for 75 years and the party must be deceased.

Marriage Records

For a marriage record include:
  • Bride's name (maiden)
  • Date of the Ceremony
  • Groom's name
  • Other pertinent information known

Death Records

For a death record include:
  • Date of death
  • Name of the deceased
  • Name of spouse and/or parents
  • Other pertinent information known

Birth Records

For a birth record include:
  • Date of birth
  • Name at birth
  • Parents' names
  • Other pertinent information known
The request must be put in writing and sent to
Cohoes City Clerk's Office
City Hall
97 Mohawk Street Cohoes, NY 12047

Please enclose your name, address and phone number.

Genealogical Search Fees

  • 1 to 3 years - $22
  • 4 to 10 years - $42
  • 11 to 20 years - $62
  • 21 to 30 years - $82
All fees are per search.